This performance of SURROUND took place on 29 Agust 2010 in the German city of Oldenburg.

The Institute of Music of Oldenburg University invited Bill Drummond to lead a performance by The17 in Oldenburg as part of the Sounding D festival. Sounding D is organised by Netwerk Neue Musik. Sounding D happened at various cities across Germany including Oldenburg. In Oldenburg the festival was based at the city's railway station and takes on the name Bahnklang (Train Sound). This performance of SURROUND began and ended at the station.

It usually takes about an hour to get all 100 members of The17 in their positions on the 5K circumference. But not in Germany, where the people would be loath to cross the road before the red man turned green, even if there was no traffic to be seen. In Oldenburg it took over two hours to get everyone in position. Over those two hours, what began as a mild drizzle built up to an unrelenting downpour. Understandably a few (a very few) people decided the future of music was not worth the soaking and headed for home. The rest stood their ground waited faithfully at their posts and performed. Thomas Schopp, the organiser of this performance, elected to make up the depleted numbers himself, manning posts 90 to 98. He would make the cry, then run the 50 metres to the next post make the cry, then run to the next post until he could pass the cry onto the 99th person. He elected to have the blurred photo of himself used in the photo field to represent all his repeated performances.