Damascus in London

In early May 2011, Bill Drummond was supposed to lead a performance of Score 328: SURROUND around the top of the ancient city walls of Damascus. This was to be part of a tri-nation festival organised by Reel Festivals. The three nations were to be Syria, Lebanon and Scotland. The Lebanese and Scottish legs of the festival happened. The Arab Spring caused the Syrian leg to be postponed. It was also supposed to be part of The17's City-to-City world tour

While Syrians are slaughtered on their city streets and the world looks on wondering what it should do, Reel Festival decided to organise a festival in waiting with the Syrian refugees and exiles who were currently living in London.

Bill Drummond was invited to take part. He chose to do something that he called DAMASCUS in LONDON. He drew the outline of the Damascus city walls on a map of London and then lead this particular performance following the outline on the streets of London. 

The 100 members of The17 that took part in this performance were mainly drawn from the Syrian refugee and exile community in the UK.