13 January 2011

So today is the first anniversary of the first real No Music Day. But this morning I am not pondering on my ‘small town megalomania let loose’. This is because in my inbox there was an email from a website called The Offline People. They wanted to remind me that I had agreed to be their guest editor for a week come the New Year. And now they wanted to get some idea of what I might want to do as guest editor. The idea of what I should do came fast and fully formed. I would get myself something to play recorded music on in my room. There was this desperate need in me to play the Green River album by Creedence Clearwater Revival at top volume. There is nothing like listening to Creedence when getting on with some woodwork. But even I couldn’t listen to Creedance for seven days strait. So what I would do is listen to a different album on each of those days. And each of those albums would be from a different decade that I had been alive in. They would probably be albums I had already listened to hundreds of times already. The one from the 50s would could be Kind of Blue by Miles. The one from the 70s Marquee Moon by Television. The rest I am still not too sure about. 

As for being the guest editor I would write about something of the experience of listening to each of these albums for the site and I would invite visitors to the site to do the same. But they could choose their own seven albums to listen to. Very simple even if it goes against the grain of much of what The17 is all about.

Another of the emails in my inbox was from Dave Robertson, a teacher at Kingswood School, Corby. He had been the teacher who had co-ordinated the performances by The17 at the school. These were performance that had been twinned with performances at a school in Port-au-Prince. After the earthquake, he was responsible for raising money from his school to try and help the school in Port-au-Prince. He was emailing me to let me know they had raised over £2,000. This was brilliant. Today has been a great No Music Day for me. I feel freed up, let loose and I cannot wait to hear Creedence at full volume as soon as I can. 

Post Script: The No Music Day site still exists but more as a museum piece, documenting all the response to it over the five years. There is that part of me that is anti stuff hanging around from the past clogging up the present, but I cannot bring myself to take it down. There is also the fact that there are various individuals and groups around the world who have decided to carry on with No Music Day on the 21 November each year, maybe the site should exist to promote and document what they are doing. But right now I am going to get myself something that I can have in my room that can play Green River as loud as it can go.