Newsletter (October 2008) sent to all those on the Penkiln Burn emailing list.

Bill Drummond has a new exhibition centred at Void Arts Centre, Derry N Ireland, but also taking place across the city.

The title of the exhibition is Birth, Marriage & Death It is also part of his ongoing choir project, The17

The exhibition opens on18 October and runs until 15 November.

In that time Bill Drummond will instigate the performance of three of the scores written to be performed by The17.

The first being Welcome. This score exists to welcome the birth of a new baby and will be performed by 17 family and friends of the baby.

The second is a score called Celebrate. It exits to celebrate the public union of a couple (a wedding) and is to be performed by 17 males and 17 females who are members or friends of the couple’s families.

The third score Complement exists to commemorate the life of someone who has recently died. It is to be performed by 17 family and friends of the person who’s life has been completed.

The ‘instigating’ process involves Drummond working with each of the families, in a local church hall; room above a bar or the Void gallery. This working with will be for an hour or so. In that time he will explain what The17 is and what there involvement is to be. He will attempt to allay their fears about taking part. He will then take them through the performance.

Lastly, each 17 will be asked to pose for a group photograph and short video portrait.

The exhibition in Void will include large framed copies of the scores performed by the families and friends; life size prints of the group photographs and numerous other works connected to The17.

As well as what is in the gallery, across the city of Derry there will be leaflets, posters and billboards all relating to the work. There will also be news stories in the local press as well as adverts placed on their births, marriages and deaths pages. All of this will be considered as much part of the exhibition as what is hung on the gallery walls.

Any questions?