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21 March Announcement Sao Paulo, Brazil

Sao Paulo, Brazil hosted No Music Day 2008. To mark this announcement a number of 21 NOV graffiti appeared around the city over the coming days and weeks.

This is one of the numerous graffiti that appeared on the streets of Sao Paulo.

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28 March - 21 April 2008 Group Exhibition My Computer @ 300m3, Gothenburg, Sweden

My Computer was a group show. It featured a NOTICE and a SCORE relating to The17. Text relating to My Computer can be read here. Documentation of My Computer can be seen here

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29 April 2008 Publication World Wide
The First Chapter. Pamphlet. Edition of 3,000.
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2008 - 2012 Coast-to-Coast World Wide

The17's Coast-to-Coast world tour starts in Derby in May 2008 and ends in London in 2012. Dates and locations will be added to the 2009, 2010, 2011 & 2012  pages over the coming months and years.

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May 2008 - January 2009 Performance and Exhibition Derby (city wide), UK

SLICE THROUGH DERBY is the name given to the performance of Score 317 REPEAT performed in the English city of Derby. This work has been commisioned to celebrate the opening of QUAD, the multi-million pound arts centre to be opened in August in Derby. Documentation of this performance was exhibited in QUAD between August 2008 and January 2009. All 100 performances within SLICE THROUGH DERBY are listed on these events pages.  This performance is part of the Coast-to-Coast world tour by The17 and is twinned with a performance of the same score in Jerusalem in 2012.

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7 May 2008 Performance 17 QUAD Staff, Q Gallery, Derby, UK
7 May 2008 Performance 17 Photographers, Q Gallery, Derby, UK
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May - December 2008 Performance Tour of eight British music institutions

THE MEANING OF MUSIC includes performances of Score 5. PERFORM with 17 workers at each of the following: A major entertainment retail outlet; an independent record shop; a national radio station; a world-renowned amplification manufacturer; a philharmonic orchestra; a successful record company; a stadium band; an international music publisher; and a leading music college. Each individual performance will have its own entry on these events pages.

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8 May 2008 Performance 17 HMV Workers, Bridge Studios, 55 Great Marlborough Street, London, UK
THE MEANING OF MUSIC - Part One - The Major Entertainment Retail Outlet.
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May, June & July 2008 Performance Tour of British Music Business
19 May 09:30 Performance 17 Media Workers, Derby, UK
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03 June 18:00 Performance 17 Warner Chappell Music Workers, London, UK
THE MEANING OF MUSIC - Part Two - The International Music Publisher.
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04 June 18:00 Performance 17 DOMINO Workers, London, UK
THE MEANING OF MUSIC - Part Three - The Successful Record Company.
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10 June 10:00 Performance 17 Derwent Living Workers, Derby, UK
10 June 18:00 Performance 17 Pirates, Derby, UK
10 June 19:00 Performance 17 Hairdressers, Derby, UK
11 June 10:00 Performance 17 Performing Arts Students, Derby, UK
11 June 15:00 Performance 17 CVS Volunteers, Derby, UK
11 June 18:30 Performance 17 Cyclists, Derby, UK
11 June 19:30 Performance 17 Teaching Support Staff, Derby, UK
12 June 18:30 Performance 17 Wirksworth women, Derby, UK
12 June 19:30 Performance 17 Artists, Derby, UK
16 June 11:00 Performance 17 Trust Project Workers, Derby, UK
16 June 12:00 Performance 17 Hospital Volunteers, Derby, UK
16 June 12:30 Performance 17 Domestic Staff, Derby, UK
16 June 14:00 Performance 17 Modern Housekeepers, Derby, UK
16 June 16:00 Performance 17 Hospital HR Staff, Derby, UK
16 June 17:30 Performance 17 Derby Museum Staff, Derby, UK
17 June 11:00 Performance 17 Big Issue Sellers, Derby, UK
18 June 17:30 Performance 17 University Admin Staff, Derby, UK
19 June 16:00 Performance 17 Well Dressers, Derby, UK
19 June 18:30 Performance 17 Musicians, Derby, UK
19 June 18:30 Performance 17 Mothers, Derby, UK
19 June 19:30 Performance 17 Film Fanatics, Derby, UK
19 June 20:30 Performance 17 Drinkers, Derby, UK
20 June 11:00 Performance 17 Losers Of Weight, Derby, UK
20 June 17:30 Performance 17 Bollywood Dancers, Derby, UK
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21 June Distribution Manchester, UK

The distribution of 500 copies of The First Chapter pamphlet throughout Manchester. Some of these may be on the seats of those attending the 24 Hour Live Conversation at the Cathedral Gardens.

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23 June 16:30 Performance 17 Football Supporters, Derby, UK
23 June 19:30 Performance 17 Morrisey Fans, Derby, UK
24 June 15:30 Performance 17 Sarahs, Derby, UK
24 June 18:30 Performance 17 Whoovers, Derby, UK
24 June 19:30 Performance 17 Body Artists, Derby, UK
25 June 15:30 Performance 17 Saras, Derby, UK
25 June 17:30 Performance 17 Teenagers, Derby, UK
25 June 19:30 Performance 17 Irish Steppers, Derby, UK
26 June 15:00 Performance 17 TinyTalk Mums, Derby, UK
26 June 17:30 Performance 17 Chellaston School Pupils, Derby, UK
26 June 18:30 Performance 17 Inter-Faith Group, Derby, UK
26 June 19:30 Performance 17 Climbers, Derby, UK
29 June 07:00 Performance Ivinghoe Beacon, Latitude: 51.842460N Longitude: 0.607913W
This first annual performance of Score 8. TAKE took place at Ivinghoe Beacon at 7am on the morning of 29 June 2008.
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30 June 13:00 Performance 17 Creative Partners, Derby, UK
30 June 19:30 Performance 17 Rolls Royce Engineers, Derby, UK
01 July 09:00 Performance 17 Traffic Wardens, Derby, UK
01 July 19:30 Performance 17 Golfers, Derby, UK
07 July 13:45 Performance 17 St Mary's School Children, Derby, UK
07 July 17:30 Performance 17 Teachers, Derby, UK
07 July 18:30 Performance 17 Phoenix Swimmers, Derby, UK
07 July 19:30 Performance 17 Complimentary Therapists, Derby, UK
08 July 14:00 Performance 17 Macdonalds Staff, Derby, UK
08 July 20:30 Performance 17 Walkers, Derby, UK
09 July 12:00 Performance 17 Councillors, Derby, UK
09 July 17:30 Performance 17 Library Staff, Derby, UK
09 July 18:30 Performance 17 Breakdancers, Derby, UK
09 July 19:30 Performance 17 Individuals, Derby, UK
10 July 16:00 Performance 17 Blondes, Derby, UK
10 July 17:30 Performance 17 Friends And Relatives, Derby, UK
10 July 18:30 Performance 17 Musicians, Derby, UK
10 July 19:30 Performance 17 DJs, Derby, UK
10 July 20:30 Performance 17 No Parking Artists, Derby, UK
11 July 10:00 Performance 17 Sound Biters, Derby, UK
11 July 12:00 Performance 17 Derby Homes Staff, Derby, UK
11 July 13:00 Performance 17 Solicitors, Derby, UK
11 July 16:00 Performance 17 Punks, Derby, UK
11 July 17:30 Performance 17 17 Year Olds, Derby, UK
11 July 18:30 Performance 17 Village People, Derby, UK
11 July 19:30 Performance 17 Campers, Derby, UK
11 July 19:30 Performance 17 Fancy Dressers, Derby, UK
11 July 20:30 Performance 17 Volunteer Choristers, Derby, UK
14 July 11:00 Performance 17 Assembly Rooms Staff, Derby, UK
14 July 14:00 Performance 17 Geeks, Derby, UK
14 July 16:00 Performance 17 Carnival Staff, Derby, UK
14 July 18:30 Performance 17 Ballroom Dancers, Derby, UK
14 July 19:30 Performance 17 Horse Riders, Derby, UK
14 July 20:30 Performance 17 Yoga Students, Derby, UK
15 July 09:00 Performance 17 Music Technology Students, Derby, UK
15 July 10:00 Performance 17 9ers, Derby, UK
15 July 11:30 Performance 17 7ers, Derby, UK
15 July 11:30 Performance 17 Basers, Derby, UK
15 July 12:30 Performance 17 7Es, Derby, UK
15 July 14:00 Performance 17 Sixth Formers, Derby, UK
15 July 16:30 Performance 17 Council Workers, Derby, UK
15 July 18:30 Performance 17 Fathers & Children, Derby, UK
15 July 19:30 Performance 17 Creative Types, Derby, UK
15 July 19:30 Performance 17 Wheeldon Avenue People, Derby, UK
16 July 11:00 Performance 17 Barnardo's Volunteers, Derby, UK
16 July 13:00 Performance 17 Book Lovers, Derby, UK
16 July 14:00 Performance 17 Pensioners, Derby, UK
16 July 15:00 Performance 17 Hotel Workers, Derby, UK
16 July 17:30 Performance 17 Runners, Derby, UK
16 July 19:30 Performance 17 Riders, Derby, UK
16 July 20:30 Performance 17 Morris Dancers, Derby, UK
17 July 10:00 Performance 17 Crazy Kids, Derby, UK
17 July 10:30 Performance 17 Jolly Gymnasts, Derby, UK
17 July 11:00 Performance 17 Dinosaurs, Derby, UK
17 July 11:30 Performance 17 Space Explorers, Derby, UK
17 July 12:00 Performance 17 Playground Singers, Derby, UK
17 July 17:45 Performance 17 Singers, Derby, UK
17 July 19:30 Performance 17 Surtal Asian Performing Artists, Derby, UK
17 July 20:30 Performance The Magnificent 17, Derby, UK
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31st July 2008 Book Publication UK.

17 a book by Bill Drummond. According to the back cover blurb the book is about: Music, Uncertainty, Bill Drummond, night trains across Russia, girl pop, sitting on a ledge, art, drunken mercenaries on the north sea, starting again, a classroom of 13 year olds, getting everything done before death, a river full of headless eels, waking up to find all music has disappeared & a choir called The17. To read the first chapter click here.

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1-8 September Performance Siberia

The17 on tour in Siberia. The 7th International Kansk Video Fetival.

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10 September Graffiti Sao Paulo, Brazil

This is another of the random 21 NOV graffiti that appeared in the streets of Sao Paulo, Brazil throughout 2008.

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13 September 14:30 Performance Department of Music, University of Glasgow, UK
A performance with 17 delegates at the annual conference of the International Association For The Study Of Popular Music (IAFTSOPM). For further information about this conference click here .
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15-26 Sptember Book Tour UK

Bill Drummond had a Reading & Signing book tour to support the publication of the book 17 at a number of major cities in Scotland and England over a two week period in September. In Liverpool it was only a signing.

15 September 18:30 Reading & Signing Waterstones, Sauchihall Street, Glasgow UK.
16 September 18:00 Reading & Signing Waterstones, West End, Edinburgh, UK.
17 September 19:00 Reading & Signing Waterstones, Deansgate, Manchester, UK.
18 September 18:30 Reading & Signing Waterstones, Gower Street, London, UK.
19 September 18:30 Reading & Signing Waterstones, Piccadilly, London, UK.
23 September 18:30 Reading & Signing Big Green Bookshop, Wood Green, London, UK.
24 September 13:00 Signing Waterstones, Liverpool, UK.
25 September 19:00 Reading & Signing Waterstones 93, Leeds, UK.
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25 September 19:00 Reading Waterstones 93, Leeds, UK.
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11 October 15:00 Performance 17 workers at BBC Radio 3, Broadcasting House, London, UK
The Meaning of Music - Part Four - A National Radio Station.
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13 October 15:00 Performance 17 Players from the Heritage Orchestra at the Vortex, Dalston, London, UK.

The Meaning Of Music - Part Five - A Leading Classical Music Ensemble.

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13 October 18:00 Drive London, England to Derry, N. Ireland via Norwich.

4X4 light on dash board of Land Rover. Photograph taken on mobile phone while driving.

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14/10/08 15/11/08 Performances & Exhibition Void, Derry/Londonderry/Doire, NI

Birth, Marriage & Death is the name given to the performances of scores 9 Welcome, 13 Celebrate, 16 Complement in the the Irish city of Derry, and the documentation of these performances at the gallery VOID, Derry. The exhibition ran from 18 October and 15 November 2008. For further information and documentation visit the World Tour pages of this site.

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14 October 17:30 Performance Troy Park, Derry, N.I.
A performance of Score 9 WELCOME to celebrate the birth of Finn O'Neill . This performance is part of the Birth, Marriage & Death exhibition.
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14 October 19:30 Performance Rawdons, Moville, Co. Donegal, Eire.
A performance of Score 16 COMPLEMENT to celebrate the life of Mary Lynch. This performance is part of the Birth, Marriage & Death exhibition.

17 Friends and family of Mary Lynch
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15 October 18:00 Performance St Columbs Hall, Derry, N.I.
A performance of Score 13 CELEBRATE to mark the wedding of Catherine Ley and Brian Fisher. This performance is part of the Birth, Marriage & Death exhibition.
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18 October 19:30 Performance Void, Derry, N.I.
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02 November Performance/Lecture 88 Wood Street, Liverpool, L1 4DQ

Bill Drummond delivered a 25 minute talk entitled The History of Music (Part 19) as part of BBC Radio 3's Free Thinking Festival. The talk was followed by a Q & A session mediated by presenter Susan Hitch. The talk and Q & A session were broadcast on BBC Radio 3's Night Waves programme on 8 January 2008.

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16 November Drive From Derry, N. Ireland to London, England via Norwich.

Between Stranraer and Newton Stewart. Photograph taken on mobile phone while driving.

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21 November 2008 Observance No Music Day worldwide but Brazil in Particular

Year four of a five year plan. Bill Drummond was invited by interested parties in Brazil to host No Music Day 2008 in Sao Paulo, Brazil. He was instructed by his hosts to spend the day handing out No Music Day leaflets (in Portugese) to all those listening to their personal stereos on the main shopping street in Sao Paulo; to apprehend all buskers and tell them that they may want to take a break from their labours for the day and instead re-consider what the position music had in their lives; to enter all the music shop on the cities music shop street and tell them to close their shops and go do something different for the day. He also did numerous interviews with Brazilian magazines, newspapers and radio stations. He doubts that there was even a fraction less music consumed in Brazil on the 21 November 2008 compared to any other day.

Busker on the streets of São Paulo, Brazil, who was bribed to observe No Music Day 2008.

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21 November 20:00 Event Sound of Mu. Markveien 58, Oslo, Norway.
For further information visit
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22 November Celebration Santa Cecilia, Sao Paulo, Brazil

Bill Drummond celebrated Saint Cecilia's Day in the streets of the Santa Cecilia district of Sao Paulo, Brazil.

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03 December 15:00 Performance QUAD, Derby, UK

A performance of Score 5 INSTIGATE was performed with the members of the NFA Derby FC.

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03 December 18:30 Performance/Lecture QUAD, Market Place, Derby, UK
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16 December 20:00 Talk David Byrne's flat in south London

David Byrne (no, not that one but the other one), tried twice to attend an event at a Waterstone's on the Bill Drummond/17 book tour. Both times he was turned away. The first time because he didn't have a ticket and the event was sold out. The second time he had a ticket but because he was late and Drummond had barred all late-comers, Byrne was turned away. David Byrne thought this to be bad form and let this be known. In response, Drummond agreed to come around to Byrne's place and give him a word for word performance of what he had missed. No date or time was agreed but Byrne said he would be in every Tuesday evening between October and Christmas. Drummond turned up unannounced the second Tuesday before Christmas and did what he promised.

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31 December Performance Broadcast from The Today Programme, BBC Radio 4

A short statement by Bill Drummond about The17 read followed by a worldwide performance of Score 326 STOP. The Today programme is broadcast between 6am and 9am on BBC Radio 4 each weekday morning. It is the most widely listened to and influential news and current affairs radio programme in the UK. Drummond was invited to appear on the programme by the guest editor Jarvis Cocker. This performance is part of the Coast-to-Coast world tour by The17 and  is to be twinned with a performance of the same score in Timbuktu. 



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